Saturday, March 28, 2009

Amber's Baby Shower

Amber's baby shower was a lot of fun and everything went off with out a hitch it was wonderful to see Amber she got SOOOOO MUCH STUFF for the baby it was unreal. The high lights of the party for me was getting to be with my second family or rather many of my extended family members because I have an EXTENCIVE LIST of extended family because as a biological only child I have been Very Very blessed to have friends who will always be my brothers sisters aunts uncles neices nephews and second mothers because I'm a daddy's girl it's harder to have second fathers but I must say I was very very happy to see my brother Matt (I love him even if he is a PIA aren't all brothers PIA's he's funny and smart and strong and in many ways I look up to him) my Sisters Glynnis(my sweet sweet Glynnis with out whom I don't know what I would do my closest confidant and one of my sons god mothers), Amber(My best friend we've shared lafter and tears traided boyfriends and lunrned alot from each other. also is one of my son's Godmothers) and Crissy (who is always agreeable company even when we disagree and who I respect as a woman and as a mother)my niece Abby (my sweet sweet angelic Abby who is 6 and will always have a place in my heart) and my Mom Margie (This woman I respect even if i don't always agree with her she has always treated me as one of her own she's allowed me to take part in her family and call her if i needed motherly advice after my mom passed away last year she's shared my joy's and rooted me on in anything I wanted to do and spoils Jareth like one of her own as well.) I had a wonderful time and have to thank Amber for letting me help host her shower and for the flowers that she gave me for helping with it.

(Pictures to come)

Friday, March 27, 2009


Jareth has gotten in to the closet 2 more times today but he has eaten all his meat jareth won't eat meat most of the time so this was a big deal. I'm thinking of limiting his milk intake to 3 cups a day because he loves milk but it's getting more expensive and my wic only covers 3 gallons a month. I figure a cup of milk in the morning, at dinner and to drink in bed at night is more then enough for a child who is a little under 2 years old. though i admit i would rather my son sneek milk when he's older then sneek soda so i don't really want to overly limit his milk intake it's good for him. brb i think i just heard the closet slide open.... JARETH! (Makes jareth close the closet puts him on time out and comes back) any way I have 3 paper to write 3 papers today but Jareth is grounded it was supost to be an auntie and Jareth Friday but Jareth can't go with auntie or go any where but church and home tell he learns not to open the closet door it's extreme for a 2 year old who doesn't understand yet but it's all ii can think to do i'm at my wits end and time out .... not working. well anyway Auntie Glynnie was supost to come over and watch him while i cleaned and did school work i though she said she'd been here around 2:00 but i could be mistaken eather way she's not here and I have to get up every 3 min to take care of Jareth so for now school is going to have to wait for Glynnis to get here if she gets here at all cause I had a fight with her and askly over twitter and i still stand on the fact that if the conversation is private and you don't want someone else taking part in it then don't have the conversation over twitter. I don't want to fight with them anymore thought let them have their "no becca allowed club house" it's all the same to me i'm not responding to their tweets anymore. so yeah i'm proabily getting nothing done tell Jareth gets to bed then I'm going to be up all night cleaning, doing school work, getting ready to host a baby shower then getting up 1 hour latter and going to Mama Marjory's (my best friends Mom) house. and host A baby shower being purkie .... ::closet door slides open again and mommy hears it and knows she didn't let Jareth off time out leaves breifyly and comes back::.... any way not the best day but their will be better days they are coming i'm sure of it. ::closet slides open again:: JARETH!!!

Signed BloggieMommy
Rebecca A Reigh


Well hello fokes it's been a while since I've bloged anyway last night my wonderful son decided to pull everything out of his closet and through it all over his room so he's in big troble I have 2 finels due this week and haven't started on eather. It was supost to be Jareth and auntie day today but turns out that jareth is grounded because he keeps getting in to his closet ... seems harsh for not being 2 yet i admit but what am i supost to do i already stuck him in the corner and he keeps going it. it was so cute he knew he had been in the corner a little too long earlyer today and i heard the sweetest little voice say "PAPA" to call my dad. it was cute i'm fustrated. i'm also irritated with the guy i'm involved with he told me this week he dosen't want to ever get married again but maybe in his 40's I love him but this really dosen't work for me I'm sorry i can't say his name on here i haven't asked if i could so i can't. any way i'd better go work on my project

Thursday, January 8, 2009

baby's, colds, Medical, migrains, and Finals

Dear readers this is me in a bad mood this is going to be a bit of a pathetic whining blog fair warning. it is about 12 am on jan 8th 2009 I think and though 2009 has proven kinder to me then 2008 (forgive any thing I type that is incoharent i'm only working with about 50% visability because as I will later expound on I have a migrain) I'm still about to wip 2009's ass so it dosen't get out of line the way 2008 did. I have finel's this week I also have to get paper work together for my dad's medical clame these things alonre would be fine I could handle them but being a singl mom with an 18 month old with a cold when you have a cold is not too fun and the baby waking up all night (Jareth is up right now standing at his baby gate watching Veggie tales the pirets who don't do anything On the living room tv) trying to do a finel and not being able to see out of most of my vision half of my face is numb and my fore head is starting to hurt I'm supost to be doing my finel jareth is suposyt to be in bed and I'm supost to be able to see to do it or at least see enough to take care of jareth and get him back to bed with out putting his diper on because i can't see and snezzing ever 2 min I have to go now because I really can't see much at all now

Friday, January 2, 2009

time flys when your having fun

Hi all my currently non-existent blog viewers lol.
sorry it's been so long. I've been busy Jareth has been a little bad about bed time I've still 3 papers behind in school and oh yeah school is almost over for me for this term. the past 2 days have been really good days so I think the new year is going to be a good one. I have lots of pic's a vids coming soon so stay tuned lol cause lol yeah so many people read my blog lol.


Thursday, December 18, 2008

17 + Month's of Photo's you might have missed

not really in order

Yep that bump thats a Jareth

ahhh its finely over, mommy looks relieved



Hi Mommys got me but I wanna look at the light

Im sleepie

Talkin to my daddy

ahhhhh cuddles

my mommy altered this shirt for me

Mommys fave picture

mommys bed warm

naping with mommy i wore her out

Me and MY WORLD Jareth Kuval Michael

If I had a world of my own everything would be non-sence


The Best Picture in Exsistence -Amber Smith

Me and Auntie Glynnie

i'll race ya yeah i'll race ya bring it on bring it on

2007 he was baby harry potter 2008 he was superman

ahhh the start of a beautiful friendship

where it all began

Rockin out with Auntie

Im not sure Iike this


No subject

No subject

Big Boy Bed 2

No subject

AHHH Isn't he sweet? and he's only fallen out of bed twice tonight lol :) could I ever love anything as much as I love him right now?